Greenhouse Accessories from Alitex

All greenhouses deserve to be fitted with the finest growing accessories, to create the perfect year-round growing environment.

Whilst you’re in the planning stages of your greenhouse project, take this as the perfect opportunity to consider your internal greenhouse layout. The right layout together with a range of benching, shelving and plant support equipment will help you to achieve the ideal space to maximize your growing potential.

We have a variety of accessories, ranging from waist-height benching and higher-level shelving to shades and lighting. Browse the selection below, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our expert team have experience in creating custom-made options too.

Ornamental Floor Grids

Originally used by the Victorians as floor grills for heating pipes, they are still an essential method for housing your hot water heating system, if you have one. Alternatively, they can simply be used as a decorative floor finish.

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Floor Grids | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Benching Inside | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

Traditional Benching

Designed to maintain the traditional feel of the greenhouse, this solid, waist-height bench combines strength and flexibility with an elegant look. The framework is manufactured using heavy cast aluminum, which is powder coated in a color of your choice.

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External Greenhouse Shades

Our shades are recommended to optimize heat and light level control. Fitted externally between the glasshouse ridge and gutter, the shade reduces light intensity and therefore plant scorch, and helps to keep temperatures down.

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Shades In Use Greenhouse Blinds | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Strawberry Board Eaves | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

Strawberry Board Shelving

The closer the plant and foliage to the glass, the more impact is to be gained from the sun’s rays – particularly in times of lower light levels. Strawberry boards add valuable extra space in the busy growing season.

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Greenhouse Light

Designed in a traditional style with a polyester powder coated reflector, the Alitex greenhouse light is an essential feature of a working greenhouse during the evenings and darker winter months.

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Greenhouse Lights In Use | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
The Outside of an Alitex Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouse USA

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are the perfect accessory for keen gardeners wanting to extend their growing season. An energy efficient LED system, which provides a continuous stable environment for your greenhouse plants all year-round.

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Plant and Fruit Supports and Vine Wires

Bespoke fruit supports and vine wires offer structure and support to peaches, vines, melons, tomatoes and cucumbers to name a few. We will work with you to understand your growing requirements and provide the best solution for training your plants.

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Vine Wires | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Cold Frames Open | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

Greenhouse Cold Frames

Cold frames enhance the effectiveness of your greenhouse by providing an additional cold-protected environment, creating the ideal conditions for hardening-off foliage. With metal props on rollers either side of the frame, you benefit from extra height and more space, making it easier to access your crops.

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Professional Propagator

The Alitex propagator is designed to provide a warm, moist, closed environment required by germinating seedlings and newly planted cuttings. The carefully designed frame is made of strong aluminum sections.

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Alitex Professional Propagator | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Greenhouse Reservoir and Pump | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

Internal Reservoir and Pump

Internal reservoirs that collect rainwater keep the water warmer, reducing the risk of thermal shock, providing soft chemical free water. Of robust construction, this 80 gallon capacity reservoir can be discreetly sunk into the ground underneath the bench and fitted with an easy to use pump.

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Potting Shoe

A favorite of the professional gardener, this stoutly constructed potting shoe sits perfectly on our traditional bench. It is designed to enable fast and efficient filling of pots, allowing compost to be kept in a manageable area.

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Potting Shoe | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

What our clients say

“I am confident giving both a professional recommendation of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current partnership, I have been recommending Alitex Greenhouses for years.”

Greg Redwood, Head of Great
Glasshouses, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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