Ornamental Greenhouse Floor Grids

36” x 24” and 36” x 12”


Alitex greenhouse floor grids are made from cast iron and over time will develop a surface rust when in contact with moisture. This never causes damage but will provide a weathered finish that ages beautifully. Floor grids can be used for decorative purposes to enhance the aesthetics inside your greenhouse, or as covers for underfloor heating or water pipes.

A great advantage of these Victorian floor grids is that they are non-slip, particularly when wet, making it a sensible yet attractive feature.

The grids should be installed during the early stages of your greenhouse project, when flooring and foundations are being built.

The Details

Accessory features

Watering Can illustration

Decorative housing for your hot water heating system

Floor Grid Illustration
Striking yet practical feature

The traditional character of the floor grids gives a truly Victorian feel

Wheelbarrow Illustration
Two standard sizes

We offer 2 widths in our floor grids, to fit any greenhouse layout

Product Specifications


Our floor grids come in 2 sizes, 36” x 24” and 36” x 12”


Our floor grids are made from Cast Iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

When must they be installed?
The floor grids need to be installed during the building process.

How do they sit in the floor?
We provide the floor grids along with their supporting frames for installation.

Can they be moved?
Yes, despite their weight, the floor grids can still be lifted to access the heating below.

How much do they weigh?
36” x 24” weighs 17kgs
36” x 12” weighs 35kgs

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