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Hexagonal Greenhouses & Octagonal Greenhouses

If you desire a custom greenhouse to establish a distinct central focal point in your garden, consider opting for a Hexagonal or Octagonal greenhouse. These designs, rooted in the 19th century, are reminiscent of structures found in Botanic Gardens worldwide, offering a central height that is ideal for display and impact.

Additionally, this shape can serve as a striking central feature lobby in a simpler lean-to or freestanding greenhouse design.


Octagonal aluminium greenhouse with walkway to lean-to greenhouse

Hexagonal or Octagonal greenhouse? What are the benefits?  

Hexagonal and Octagonal greenhouses are distinctive and robust structures, designed to withstand various weather conditions. Whether installed as a free-standing greenhouse or as a feature lobby, they can dramatically transform your garden and maintain their visual appeal throughout the year.

Similar to all our bespoke greenhouses, you have the option to choose from our Traditional or Messenger glazing system for your structure. Additionally, you can select a powder-coated color of your preference to complement your garden aesthetic.

Every aspect of these intricate and complex designs is meticulously considered, ensuring structural integrity, durability, and high quality to deliver a completely tailored greenhouse that meets your specific requirements.

With different shapes available, we can also design and manufacture accessories such as benching and floor grids that seamlessly fit within the structure, maximizing your space. Learn more about the accessories available for your Alitex greenhouse.

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