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Custom Greenhouses

Custom Made Greenhouses

Built to Stand the Test of Time

Since 1952, Alitex have designed and manufactured British custom-built aluminum greenhouses that are sought after across the world.

The craftsmanship, high quality modern materials and technology used for all our designs allows each individual greenhouse to seamlessly complement its surroundings, no matter the size, shape or color.

Alitex Thomas Messenger greenhouse
Traditional glazing system in lean to greenhouse

Traditional Greenhouse

Our Alitex Traditional greenhouses feature slimmer glazing bars, offering a closer resemblance to our Kew structures. Despite this similarity, each greenhouse is fully customized to meet your specific growing requirements. Whether you prefer a lean-to or free-standing design, our greenhouses are tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

Thomas messenger greenhouse

Messenger Greenhouse

The Messenger pays homage to historic Victorian timber detailing, concealing all internal nuts and bolts within the frame to preserve its wooden aesthetic both inside and out. This meticulous design makes it an ideal choice for heritage sites and is well-suited for sensitive planning locations and replication projects.

Freestanding traditional greenhouse bespoke

Freestanding greenhouse

This option is perfect for those seeking a blank canvas, whether you wish to discreetly place the greenhouse in a corner or prominently feature it as the focal point of your garden.

Lean-to greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouses are perfect for enhancing walled gardens, turning a wall into a standout feature, or for those with limited garden space.


Hexagonal & Octagonal greenhouse

If you’re in search of a custom greenhouse to craft a distinctive central focal point for your garden, consider the unique appeal of a Hexagonal or Octagonal greenhouse.

Walled garden at the PIG

Walled Gardens

Walled garden greenhouses are a vital and captivating aspect of gardening history. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they offer a sheltered microclimate, safeguarding plants from harsh winds and frost.

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Our services

If our Kew Collection greenhouse selection doesn’t match your vision, our skilled designers and engineers can craft a fully customized greenhouse just for you.

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