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What is a walled garden greenhouse?

Walled garden greenhouses hold a significant place in our gardening history, serving as integral and cherished features. At Alitex, our aluminum greenhouses have been central to numerous newly constructed walled garden projects and have played a key role in the restoration of older sites.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, walled garden greenhouses offer a sheltered microclimate that shields plants from wind and frost, enabling them to flourish even in cooler temperatures. Typically constructed from stone and lined with bricks, these walls aid in absorbing and retaining solar heat, creating elevated temperatures ideal for cultivating specific plants such as peaches, nectarines, and grapes.

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Walled garden greenhouse restoration

For exact replicas in heritage sites, The Thomas Messenger greenhouse is a popular choice for those wishing to create a sympathetic design reminiscent of historic timber glasshouses.

Our Thomas Messenger greenhouse was inspired by the Victorian engineer. Using modern materials, this design classic is re-created as a traditional aluminium structure, powder-coated for a low maintenance finish whilst maintaining the Victorian aesthetic. Where possible, we will research and refer to the original drawings in the design of your structure to provide an authentic replication.

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Walled Garden Greenhouses

Ramsey Abbey Kitchen Garden

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The Ramsey Abbey Walled Kitchen Garden Trust was founded in 2004 with the aim of overseeing the restoration of the walled kitchen garden at Ramsey Abbey. In 2012, the trust received a generous donation from L. J. Drake, which was earmarked to fund the reconstruction of the old lean-to greenhouses that previously occupied the East wall and border of the garden.

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