Alitex greenhouse side view

Seven Timeless Designs

Royal Botanical, Kew collection

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Our collaboration transcends mere horticultural expertise; it embodies a shared commitment to values and principles. Kew’s ethos centers on the profound significance of plants — for health, pleasure, beauty, and life itself. This shared belief spurred us to unite our passion for plants, spanning from propagation to protection, in crafting unparalleled growing environments within our greenhouses.

Black National Trust greenhouse on a sand brick base with potted plants in front.

I am confident giving both a professional recommendation of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current partnership, I have been recommending Alitex for years.

Greg Redwood, Head of Great Glasshouses

Working Together

The Making of a Partnership

During the early 2000s, at The Professional Gardener’s Guild Conference, Tom Hall, the Owner of Alitex, delivered a presentation on our Messenger glasshouse. This presentation caught the attention of Greg Redwood, the Head of Great Glasshouses at Kew Gardens. Greg’s intrigue in the Alitex product sparked a genuine connection, which has since blossomed into the robust partnership we share today.

It’s noteworthy that Greg Redwood, a devoted advocate of timber greenhouses, was initially skeptical. However, he was won over by the exceptional craftsmanship of Alitex’s aluminium greenhouse, particularly the Messenger design. Despite being constructed from aluminium, the Messenger greenhouse masterfully emulates the aesthetic of wood without compromising on quality or durability. This realization underscored the innovative approach and superior quality that Alitex embodies, ultimately cementing the foundation of our enduring partnership.


Three men smiling at the camera in front of a glasshouse