Large Traditional Victorian greenhouse with three lobbies surrounded by greenery.

Bespoke Greenhouses

Victorian Greenhouse replacement

Like most timber structures, a timber greenhouse can deteriorate over time without regular maintenance. While we often receive inquiries about repairing timber greenhouses, unfortunately, due to concerns regarding engineering and structural integrity, we are unable to undertake such repairs. Instead, we recommend replacing the timber greenhouse with an aluminum replica.

Opting for an aluminum greenhouse offers a low-maintenance solution and provides the assurance of a lifetime guarantee. Our team specializes in authentic replication of original Victorian structures and ensures that the replacement project maximizes growing efficiency. This includes incorporating features such as venting, heating, and other accessories to enhance functionality.

Lean-to Greenhouse interior with greenery

Greenhouse Replacement Projects

Restoring Victorian charm to historical locations

Large white lean-to greenhouse with central lobby in the walled gardens of Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace

During the creation of the replacement Victorian greenhouse design for the walled garden at Fulham Palace, we conducted thorough testing as part of the site survey process. This enabled us to effectively address the challenges posed by the curved wall during the greenhouse construction. The final structure stands as a testament to modern technological innovation.

Large bespoke greenhouse in white.

Private Estate

The Victorian greenhouse replacement project provided us with the opportunity to showcase our extensive capabilities in reproducing an exact replica of an original timber glasshouse. We presented the client with two designs, and they selected one that enhanced the functionality of the guttering and ventilation system. The client was particularly impressed with the attention to detail, including the replication of the original glasshouse beading, castings of the finials and cresting, and the incorporation of curved vine supports for optimal growing conditions.

Stone path leading to large bespoke greenhouse in white with a hexagonal lobby on a brick base. The path is lined with plants and foliage.

Ramsey Abbey Walled Kitchen Garden

An Alitex greenhouse serves as a striking focal point within the walled kitchen garden at Ramsey Abbey. Proudly occupying the site of three derelict timber structures, our aluminum ¾ lean-to glasshouse spans an impressive 25.5 meters.

Large monopitch greenhouse on a red brick base in a walled garden.

Cambo Estate

Cambo Country Estate and Garden in Scotland sought to replicate four original glasshouses with durable Victorian aluminum structures. Alitex was identified as the sole company suitable for the project, ensuring the preservation of the original Victorian characteristics while delivering durable solutions.

Why choose the Victorian style?

The design of our aluminum greenhouses allows us to maintain the traditional Victorian aesthetic of timber structures, making them ideal for Victorian greenhouse replacements. Our Thomas Messenger greenhouses, with their larger profile, were inspired by the Victorian engineer himself and are the preferred choice for sensitive sites, including those with listed properties.

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