Fulham Palace curved glasshouse in a walled garden


Professional and Commercial Glasshouses

Industry Professionals, Commercial Projects & Private Estates

Custom glasshouse service

At the heart of our operations lies the crafting of custom greenhouses. With extensive expertise accumulated over time, we specialize in designing and constructing intricate, sizable structures. Whether rejuvenating neglected greenhouses or materializing innovative concepts, we guide you seamlessly from initial design to completion, navigating all construction phases with finesse.

Logan Botanic Gardens with people in the greenhouse
Logan Botanic Gardens with people in the greenhouse

Our Partnerships

Industry Professionals

We collaborate with a diverse array of remarkable professionals, encompassing garden designers, landscape architects, and various horticultural networks and organizations.

Lime Wood Greenhouse Dining Table set up
Lime Wood Greenhouse Dining Table set up

Our Partnerships

Commercial Projects

We specialize in designing and constructing glasshouses tailored for diverse purposes, be it creating stunning spaces for hotels, cultivating fresh ingredients for kitchens, or providing functional attractions for public gardens.

Private Walled garden with circular lawn
Private Walled garden with circular lawn

Our Partnerships

Private Estates

We are continually thrilled by the chance to collaborate with Estate Managers, Head Gardeners, Garden Teams, and Ground Keepers.

How it all works

Hand drawn greenhouse
Choose your style

Whether it be one of our Kew collection greenhouses or a completely custom structure. We can help you design your dream space.

Hand drawn water sprinkler
Paint & Finish

We have 12 colours to choose from or go completely bespoke, all we need is a RAL number.

hand drawn Alitex greenhouse van

We never outsource. Our installers are Alitex born and bred.

Hand drawn plant pots sat on side bench of a greenhouse
Get growing!

It’s now time to start sowing your seeds, potting on and planting out. Happy growing!

Featured Case Study

A Greenhouse for Entertaining

Custom Replica Greenhouse

The initial glasshouse, while enchanting, had deteriorated beyond repair. Erected in 1904 and abandoned as a functional greenhouse in 1959, it had rapidly decayed into ruin, with trees sprouting from its roof and overrun by weeds and brambles. Careful dismantling was necessary for restoration, replacing the original wooden structure with a more resilient material to ensure renewed vitality with minimal upkeep.

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