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Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses offer an ideal solution for those seeking to enhance walled gardens, turn walls into features, or maximize limited garden space. One of the key advantages of this design is the wall’s ability to absorb solar heat during the day and release it into the greenhouse, helping to maintain consistent temperatures even after sunset.

Our lean-to aluminum greenhouses can be customized to your preferences, utilizing either our traditional or messenger glazing systems. You have the flexibility to choose between mono-pitch, ¾ span, or full-span options, depending on the wall height, as well as select between 30 or 45-degree roof pitches.

Large three quarter span greenhouse with cold frames in a colourful garden
Mono Pitch Chalkhill blue


A monopitch lean-to greenhouse features a single-sloped roof extending from ridge to eaves, maximizing the utilization of the wall to which it is attached.

Full Span Downland Stone

Full Span

With a minimum wall height of 1.8 meters, a full-span lean-to greenhouse achieves stunning symmetry as each roof slope projects at a 45-degree angle. This design maximizes available space and presents a similar appearance to a freestanding greenhouse attached to the wall.

34 span wood sage

Three Quarter Span

A ¾ span lean-to Victorian greenhouse provides an ideal solution for situations where the rear wall height is insufficient for a monopitch structure. This configuration is beautifully illustrated in the accompanying sketch.

Considerations for a lean-to greenhouse

Usually, a lean-to greenhouse thrives when situated against a tall south-facing wall, offering optimal growing conditions. The wall acts as a natural heater, expanding the range of plants that can be cultivated. Additionally, taller walls provide ample space for fruit trees or vines. The height of your wall determines the greenhouse style: a monopitch design requires the tallest walls, up to 4 meters, while a full span necessitates a minimum height of approximately 2 meters.

Structural integrity and accuracy of building work

For the greenhouse to securely rest against the wall, the wall must be of sufficient height and in structurally sound condition to support the lean-to structure. Surveys are essential for assessing the strength and safety of an existing old wall, while thorough calculations are necessary when planning to build a new wall. We offer support throughout this process, ensuring proper planning and execution.

In cases where a historically listed wall is used, we can provide a frame that sits in front, allowing the greenhouse to become self-supporting.

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