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Peace Of Mind

Alitex guarantee


Taking care of you

The Alitex Guarantee ensures a lifetime warranty on the aluminum frame of your structure, lasting either 25 years or the lifetime of the purchaser, whichever is longer.

While it’s uncommon to utilize the Alitex Guarantee, in the unlikely event that you need it, it’s crucial to comprehend the extent of coverage.

Alitex customers in a greenhouse

The Glasshouse

Structural guarantee

If there’s a defect affecting the structural integrity of the greenhouse aluminum frame (excluding rubber, foam, paintwork, and doors), the guarantee provides coverage for 25 years or the life of the purchaser.

Under our lifetime guarantee, we’ll conduct any necessary remedial work to address unlikely defects in materials or workmanship. It’s important to note that this warranty doesn’t extend to rubber, foam, paintwork, or doors, as these fall under a separate guarantee.

Please note that your doors and bonded glazing bars are covered for five years.

Alitex Octagonal Greenhouse

The Finish

Paint guarantee

We strongly advise regular maintenance for your Alitex structure, including annual cleaning and prompt sealing of any chips within three months.

While the paint finish is guaranteed for 10 years, following the maintenance guidelines mentioned should ensure its longevity matches that of your structure.

Our Customer Service Team provides a range of services, from clean and care packages to repairs and ad hoc maintenance. Please contact a team member for more information. This not only preserves your guarantee but also ensures your structure maintains its best appearance for years ahead.

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