Plant and Fruit Supports and Vine Wires

Minimum 10 inches below glass


Custom fruit supports and vine wires for the greenhouse offer structure and containment to a variety of climbing plants and trees. Working with you, we determine your growing needs and the areas in which you want to train fruits.

The wires and supports are custom-made to your requirements and can therefore be bespoke in size. A minimum of 10” is kept between the wires and the glazing to prevent the plants from making direct contact with the glass. The wires are secured with a tension bolt and supported by stainless steel frames or rods. This secures their position and keeps the wire taught and strong.

We will analyze the most suitable solution for your climbing flowering plants, your fruit and vegetables vines and trees. We advise a rigid support with tensioned wires for training plants up to the roof space. Alternatively, we can provide a trellis style support that leads the plant’s growth up and across the rear-well in a lean-to greenhouse. The supports will ensure the plant has structure whilst encouraging growth.

The Details

Accessory Features

Wheelbarrow Illustration
Bespoke positioning

We will work with you to understand your growing needs and the areas where you want to train fruit and vines, whether it be in your greenhouse eaves, or up the wall of your lean to

Lavender Illustration
Maximise space

Utilise the space in your roof to lace vines along the internal ridge on vine wires, custom fitted to your greenhouse

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Structurally robust

The rigid supports and tensioned wires are secured with a tension bolt and supported by stainless steel frames or rods to secure their position and keep the wire structure taught and strong

Product Specifications


Our vine wires must be mounted a minimum of 10 inches below glass.


Our Plant and Fruit Supports and Vine Wires are made from stainless steel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it one size fits all?
No, we’ll collaborate with you to grasp your growing requirements and the sections where you intend to train fruit and vines.




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