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Award winning Victorian aluminium greenhouses

At Alitex, we specialize in crafting the finest Victorian-style aluminum greenhouses, meticulously designed to endure the test of time. Endorsed by the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, we are committed to providing fulfilling and satisfying growing experiences in the most exquisite greenhouses.

Prideful in our ability to marry aesthetics with functionality, we at Alitex offer an array of greenhouse options. From large custom aluminum greenhouse projects to our official Kew Collection Greenhouses, every Alitex structure is meticulously crafted using the highest quality aluminum for a beautiful and enduring finish.

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Custom Greenhouse projects

At Alitex, we’re proud to produce what we and our customers consider the world’s finest greenhouses. Since our establishment in the 1950s, we’ve been renowned for embodying the timeless Victorian aesthetic, expert engineering, and outstanding horticultural performance.

Collaborating with designers and gardeners globally, we specialize in bringing their unique visions to fruition. Whether it’s navigating challenges in small, awkward locations, meticulously replicating historical greenhouse designs, or creating striking statement structures, our wealth of experience ensures we can deliver.

Kew Greenhouse collection

Through years of manufacturing excellence, Alitex have created a collection of beautifully designed aluminum greenhouses – named the Kew Greenhouse Collection. Each structure within the collection maintains the timeless aesthetics of traditional Victorian greenhouses.

Featured Greenhouse

The Augusta

Kew greenhouse collection

With a long base, The Augusta offers a great variety in terms of layout, accessory options and ultimately the opportunity for year-round growing. The Augusta, like all of our glasshouses, is built with versatility in mind.

How it all works

Hand drawn greenhouse
Choose your style

Whether it be one of our Kew collection greenhouses or a completely custom structure. We can help you design your dream space.

Hand drawn water sprinkler
Paint & Finish

We have 12 colours to choose from or go completely bespoke, all we need is a RAL number.

hand drawn Alitex greenhouse van

We never outsource. Our installers are Alitex born and bred.

Hand drawn plant pots sat on side bench of a greenhouse
Get growing!

It’s now time to start sowing your seeds, potting on and planting out. Happy growing!

From our Greenhouse collections

Choose Your Paint

The Kew collection standard color palette

We offer a wide range of colors to suit various preferences, ranging from classic shades of white to muted greens and greys, as well as bold options including blues and black. Our standard colors come in a satin finish, except for Bronze Manganese, which is available in a matte finish. If you prefer a bespoke color or finish, we can accommodate this by providing the RAL code, available at an additional cost. Please view our color range below for more details.

Looking for a custom color? Talk to us

Wood Sage

Downland Stone


Chalkhill Blue


Sussex Emerald

Olive Green



Brilliant White

Graphite Grey

Bronze Manganese

Greenhouse Accessories

Seasonal accessories for your greenhouse

Now that you’ve selected your greenhouse structure, it’s time to consider outfitting your dream greenhouse. From propagators to floor grids, ensure that your internal layout is tailored to suit your needs perfectly.


Get inspired by our creative Greenhouse community

Outside view of the greenhouse with outdoor furniture

Case Studies

Over the years we have worked on some beautiful and incredible greenhouse projects. Look through our case studies to help you gather inspiration for your own luxury greenhouse and view testimonials from previous customers.


Growing Guides

Gardening can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together monthly guides to keep you on the right track with your greenhouse growing.

Gardening webinars

Videos and Webinars

We’re fortunate enough to rub shoulders with some of the best in the horticultural world. We’ve done our best in capturing their expertise in our webinars and videos for you to watch at your lesiure.

Customer Services

Request a catalog

Curious about our mission and methods? Explore our acclaimed collection of greenhouses in our catalog for inspiration.

Our services

Our services

If our Kew Collection greenhouse selection doesn’t match your vision, our skilled designers and engineers can craft a fully customized greenhouse just for you.

Greenhouse Mottisfont

Book a visit

Now that you’ve received our catalog and are ready to proceed, one of our Sales Designers can visit you on-site to help envision your dream greenhouse.

Popular FAQ’s

Can I use my own builder for the greenhouse base?

Yes, we will provide you and your builder with a detailed ground plan and the building notes to ensure the base is constructed to the correct specification. 

What kind of glass do you use and what happens if it breaks?

Our greenhouses are single-glazed with “low-e” (short for “low-emissivity”) 4mm toughened glass. We cannot guarantee against breakage, but we can replace any broken panes for a small charge.

How much ventilation does a greenhouse need?

Ventilation is a critical part of growing under glass. Our combination of roof and side vents creates a ‘chimney effect’ inside the greenhouse that encourages air circulation and prevents unhelpful through drafts. The number of opening vents is designed according to the needs of each individual greenhouse to give the optimum level of ventilation. On larger greenhouses, vent depth can be increased accordingly and electric motors added for precision control.

Does an Alitex greenhouse ever need re-painting?

Unlike timber, it does not need regular painting and treating. We do recommend regular cleaning and prompt repair of any paint damage to maximise the longevity of the coating. We provide a 10-year warranty on our standard finishes.