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The Aiton Greenhouse provides ample growing space. With a further 3’4” in length than The Capel Greenhouse, you can maximize growing potential with a range of accessories. The door is located on the gable end, which leaves room for benching along each side. Alternatively, make use of the space with pots and built in beds. The greenhouse is manufactured from engineered aluminum which couples elegant design with durability and practicality.

Recommended accessories include high level shelving and our greenhouse light. High level shelving is positioned at the ideal height for plants that need direct sunlight. Our greenhouse light allows you to extend your time in the greenhouse when daylight hours are limited.

All of the Kew Collection Greenhouses are named after individuals that have influenced and shaped the history of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The Aiton Greenhouse is inspired by William Aiton, an English botanist and the first Director of Kew Gardens in 1759.

Product dimensions

8’5″ x 13’5″

How to order

To get your project started please email us at where we can organize one of our Sales Designers to contact you to fully understand your project. We will also visit you on site to ensure you’re choosing the right structure, location and answer any questions you may have about your greenhouse journey.

With over 70 years of experience, we have curated the perfect selection of accessories to enhance your growing environment.

Details & Personalization

Once you’ve chosen your greenhouse style and colour you also have the opportunity to embellish your greenhouse further.

  • Cresting – This runs along the ridge of the greenhouse, you can opt to remove the traditional cresting for a more contemporary look.
  • Finials – These are the decorative points that are traditionally situated at each end of the greenhouse roof and at the front of each lobby. You can choose between ball or spike finials, or no finials at all.
  • Spandrel – Our spandrels are decorative as well as structural. These cast iron fittings are available in the Alitex ‘A’ emblem or a rose design.
  • Door Furniture – We have three standard door handle choices with the option to upgrade to a further two designs. Your hinge, hook, and plaque will compliment your chosen door handle finish.


  • All of our greenhouses are made from aluminium and glass, which is infinitely recyclable. We are often asked why you should choose an aluminium greenhouse. As one of the planet’s most inexhaustible resources, aluminium is a sustainable, lightweight and high-strength material. It is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, therefore the perfect choice for creating beautiful glasshouses that will stand the test of time. 
  • Your greenhouse frame will be powder coated, low maintenance and durable, meaning your structure requires very little effort to keep it in such good condition when compared with other materials.
victorian grids for greenhouse


Our greenhouses are constructed from aluminum, a material that is infinitely recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. The finishing touches, including spandrels, finials, and cresting, are all crafted from cast aluminum, mirroring the techniques used by the Victorians. Additionally, each greenhouse is equipped with 4mm toughened safety glass for enhanced durability and safety.

powder coated aliuminium

Paint & Finish

Our structures undergo a powder coating process in our factory, followed by baking in our ovens to achieve a tough, durable, semi-gloss finish. We provide customized colors and finishes to suit your preferences, including a marine finish option designed to withstand the harsh elements of coastal environments.

vent handle by alitex


To ensure optimal ventilation for your plants, our greenhouses feature vents positioned on opposing sides, creating a chimney effect. The manual opening side vents are situated below the gutter line, allowing air to be drawn through the automated roof vents. This setup facilitates adequate airflow and ventilation within the greenhouse environment.

Choose Your Paint

The Kew collection standard color palette

We offer a wide range of colors to suit various preferences, ranging from classic shades of white to muted greens and greys, as well as bold options including blues and black. Our standard colors come in a satin finish, except for Bronze Manganese, which is available in a matte finish. If you prefer a bespoke color or finish, we can accommodate this by providing the RAL code, available at an additional cost. Please view our color range below for more details.

Looking for a custom color? Talk to us

Wood Sage

Downland Stone


Chalkhill Blue


Sussex Emerald

Olive Green



Brilliant White

Graphite Grey

Bronze Manganese

I don’t think you appreciate the detail until you experience it head on, it’s a quality build.

David Elton, Director of the Lime Wood Group


Take a look at what our customers say

Alix Mason

5 October 2022

“We cannot fault the service. From the moment we rang Alitex they were efficient and easy to deal with. We are thrilled with the finished product, and it is worth the cost to know that it is really maintenance-free.”

Alan Titchmarsh, MBE

31 January 2019

Having owned an Alitex greenhouse, or two, for many years Alan Titchmarsh MBE accompanied Mary Berry CBE into our National Trust Ickworth greenhouse at Chatsworth Flower Show. Sharing his passion for the structures, Alan declared “Mary, if you’re going to buy a greenhouse it has to be an Alitex”.