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Freestanding Greenhouses

When your choice isn’t limited by walls and aiming to seamlessly integrate a greenhouse into your garden, whether tucked away in a corner or showcased as a focal point, the ultimate choice is a freestanding greenhouse.

For those fortunate to have flexible garden landscapes unrestricted by space or existing structures, freestanding greenhouses offer the freedom to position and orientate them to match individual growing preferences.

Our range of customizable options for freestanding greenhouses presents a multitude of design possibilities. With various features and finishes to personalize, you can create a truly unique growing space tailored precisely to your needs.

Freestanding greenhouse in graphite grey surrounded by greenery and plants

The roof pitch of your freestanding greenhouse

Typically, standard greenhouses feature a roof pitch of 45 degrees, embodying the classic Victorian look while ensuring optimal ventilation. However, we can adjust roof pitches to suit your preferences. A 30-degree pitch offers a more contemporary appearance, while a Peach House boasts a notably steep pitch. To discuss your specific needs, send in your enquiry.

Greenhouse ventilation

Ventilation is crucial for successful greenhouse gardening, as it fosters an optimal growing environment for your plants to flourish.

Our greenhouse design incorporates both roof and side vents, facilitating a natural “chimney effect” that promotes air circulation throughout the structure. The number of opening vents is carefully planned during the greenhouse design phase, ensuring tailored ventilation for each project. For larger structures, vent depth can be adjusted as needed, and electric motors can be installed for precise control over ventilation.

Building works for your greenhouse

The construction of your greenhouse is as crucial as the aluminum structure itself, demanding precision and accuracy. Our greenhouses are installed on a double-skin dwarf wall, which is supported by a strip foundation.

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