The Augusta Greenhouse

The Augusta Greenhouse has a long base which offers a greater variety in terms of layout and accessory options. It provides the ultimate opportunity for year-round growing, still with the beautiful proportion of its counterparts in the Kew Collection.

The Kew Greenhouse Collection is endorsed by the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Each greenhouse represents the nature, beauty, value and conservation that Kew strives to sustain.

This greenhouse is named after Kew’s Princess, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, who was married to Sir William Chambers (who our Chambers Greenhouse is named after). Her husband built many structures at Kew Gardens for her, including her favorite in 1761, The Chinese Pagoda.

Size: 9’6” x 20’11”

What our clients say

“I am confident giving both a professional recommendation of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current partnership, I have been recommending Alitex Greenhouses for years.”

Greg Redwood, Head of Great
Glasshouses, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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