Bringing an Alitex Greenhouse to College Station, Texas

Style: Masson Greenhouse

Color: Olive Green (RAL 7023)

Size: 9’6 x 23′

Whilst designing their home, Ross and Emily came across Alitex in a British gardening magazine. After a scroll through Instagram, they fell in love with the greenhouses. Even though they live in Texas, they have always practised European-style gardening and knew that they wanted to have a traditional greenhouse included within the garden at their new home. After checking with the architect to make sure there would be adequate space for the greenhouse on the site plan, they reached out to Alitex for a quote to get started on the process of bringing an Alitex greenhouse to College Station, Texas.

What were your first impressions of Alitex?

The absolute attention and commitment to clear communication, detail and ease of approachability were the main draws with Alitex. Everyone was so kind, accommodating, and informative. Joe was our salesperson and did a great job answering all our questions, explaining the pricing, service expectations and installation. Joe also came all the way from Massachusetts to our homesite in Texas during our home construction. He listened to our ideas and effectively communicated how we could reach our goals. We did inquire with a few other greenhouse companies, and Alitex was the most responsive as well as the easiest to work with.

What made you choose Alitex after your initial inquiry?

We are extremely particular about quality of materials and construction, as well as authenticity and modern-adaptability. Alitex checked every box. Every aspect of an Alitex greenhouse from the brass door latches to the intricate roof details, is of the highest quality and craftsmanship, which is so hard to find in this day and time. Additionally, the Alitex greenhouse was able to accommodate many of our modern-day hopes – like interior lighting, plumbing and even access for us to have speakers for music or audiobooks while we are working.

Is there anything unusual about your structure?

Really, the most notable part of our greenhouse is its ability to bring joy every time we are in it. It is truly the embodiment of a long held dream and has such an ambience of calm. We have been able to use the greenhouse everyday, and it has really become a touchpoint in maintaining some normalcy amongst all of the world chaos. Structurally, we chose the cruciform shaped greenhouse (Masson), so we would have two entrances. The front entrance faces a walking path from our front garden, and the back entrance opens up into our half acre vegetable garden. The design perfectly fit our vision, and the greenhouse is generally the first thing visitors to our home notice. Everyone wants a tour!

What is your favourite thing about your Alitex greenhouse?

I have always grown my seedlings in a garage with a grow light, which is not the ideal process. Our Alitex greenhouse allows me to have a large area with a perfect growing environment for any type of plant. It has also allowed me to experiment with growing other vegetables from seed, not just tomatoes, that I can then transplant to our main outdoor garden. Since having our greenhouse, I have even branched out further into growing many of the flowers for our landscape from seed and then transplanting them into our flower gardens. My absolute favorite time to be working in the greenhouse is while it’s raining. It’s very peaceful and serene. Quite unexpectedly, we have also had the chance this year to work in the greenhouse while it was snowing. Amazingly, the greenhouse maintained a warm temperature of about 68-72 degrees Farenheit while it was a chilly and snowy 26-30 degrees outside… very unusual weather for Texas.

What are you growing at the moment?

We rotate most plants based on the season, but always have a good stock of tomatoes growing. We are raising about 60 varieties of tomatoes now and have around 300 plants.  Currently we are also growing cucumbers, peppers, gomphrena, basil, milk weed (for monarch butterflies), catmint, 12 varieties of squash, celosia, cleome, alyssum, almond verbena, blue daze, goji and zucchini!

Photo credit: Henry Davis

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“The most notable part of our greenhouse is its ability to bring joy every time we are in it. It is truly to embodiment of a long held dream and has such an ambience of calm. ”

Mr & Mrs Gunnels, Texas

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