Sustainable and Self-Sufficient Gardening

By 24th February 2021Blog Archive
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There isn’t one right way when it comes to gardening but with an emphasis on sustainability and growing our own produce, we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our waste, becoming less reliant on plastic, and spending less money at the grocery store. We think trying to swap out just one element for a sustainable option is a great place to start.

We have collected a few top tips on how we can all incorporate greener methods into our gardening so we can become more sustainable and self-sufficient. One of the best ways to be successul with a greenhouse is to plan ahead for the seasons using a growing calendar, specifically designed for growing under glass.

Biodegradable Plant Pots

Biodegradable plant pots are the perfect option for potting on and planting seeds in. You can buy these from any good garden centre. However, if you want to save your money for more seeds, use the inner cardboard tube from your toilet rolls or newspaper cuttings. These are free and means that when ready, planting your seedlings couldn’t be easier. Just place them in your soil and let them do their thing, no need to worry about disturbing the roots later on to remove the container, as they will simply dissolve in the soil.

We’ve created a quick video to show you how you can make your own newspaper seedling pots –

Edible Plants

How much are you spending at the grocery store when you do your weekly shop? Buying organic and alternative produce can get pricy, so it’s time to pick up your tools and get stuck in.

Super-greens are a wonderful addition to your vegetable menu. These can be grown in seed trays on your window ledge or in the greenhouse where they will get lots of light. Sunflower micro-greens are a delicious accompaniment to salads and can provide fresh leaves almost weekly when grown right.


Invest in Quality Plant Pots

Many people use cheap plastic plant pots or seed trays when gardening – these are not environmentally friendly and aren’t very cost-effective. Although hardier pots, such as terracotta, are more expensive, they last far longer and can produce stronger and healthier plant.

Terracotta is more porous than plastic, allowing water and air to pass through more easily, meaning the plant roots can ‘breathe’ and preventing common killers such as root rot. Heat is easily stored in plastic pots meaning that plants can wilt prematurely, whereas a more breathable pot such as terracotta will allow more ventilation.

A Sustainable Greenhouse

A greenhouse is also the ideal environment for bringing on herbs, fruit and vegetables all year-round. Having this produce to hand will help encourage you to eat well and experiment with your home cooked meals. Our greenhouses are made from sturdy aluminum which is 100% recyclable and will last a life-time.