Introducing the Kew Aluminum Greenhouse Collection

Through years of experience, Alitex have created a collection of carefully designed beautiful aluminum greenhouses that work in a variety of situations whilst still maintaining the timeless Victorian aesthetics, and lifetime durability. Our position in the greenhouse industry saw us receive a seal of approval on this collection from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, UK.

Our Beautiful British Greenhouse Collection

From the smaller growing environment of The Capel, to The Masson greenhouse, with double extended lobbies either side, the standard sizes of the British Kew Greenhouse Collection will suit any garden.

Each beautiful aluminum framed greenhouse is named after figureheads who were instrumental in the development of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – from Princess Augusta who founded Kew to Sir Peter Crane who was the Director at Kew Gardens when they achieved World Heritage Status.

Explore the greenhouse collection for yourself, or if you are looking for something that leans against a wall or a different shape or size, then please do browse our custom-made greenhouses or contact one of our expert greenhouse designers.

The Masson Greenhouse

The Masson Greenhouse boasts a spacious interior, perfect for growing and entertaining. With an extended lobby situated either side, growers can embrace the opportunity for various internal layouts and usage.

View The Masson Greenhouse

The Masson Greenhouse A Half Span Lean To Glasshouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Victorian Aluminum Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

The Crane Greenhouse

The Crane Greenhouse offers you plenty of flexibility in customization. It is also a classic statement piece for any garden.

View The Crane Greenhouse

The Augusta Greenhouse

The Augusta Greenhouse still with the beautiful proportions of its counterparts, but with even more growing space and options.

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Small Victorian Aluminum Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
The Fortrey Greenhouse |

The Fortrey Greenhouse

The Fortrey Greenhouse has an extended lobby, perfect for the addition of cold frames. Inside, the growing space can be configured to your growing needs.

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The Chambers Greenhouse

The Chambers Greenhouse is a popular choice due to its flat lobby providing a focal point without taking up too much room. Internally, growing space can be customized with various benching configurations.

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The Chambers Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Victorian Aluminum Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

The Burton Greenhouse

The Burton Greenhouse is the largest greenhouse with a gable door entry providing ample space for benching along either side and a surprising growing capacity.

View The Burton Greenhouse

The Aiton Greenhouse

The Aiton Greenhouse with another 3’4” in length gives a little more precious growing space than The Capel.

View The Aiton Greenhouse

Victorian Aluminum Greenhouse | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA
Alitex Kew Greenhouse Collection The Capel Greenhouse- Small yet Ideally formed

The Capel Greenhouse

The Capel Greenhouse is small yet perfectly formed and is ideal for those with limited space whilst not wanting to compromise their growing experience.

View The Capel Greenhouse

Kew Garden Greenhouse Collection Details

All of our aluminum greenhouses are designed and manufactured with extreme attention to detail, creating a beautiful and sustainable product.

  • Alitex British greenhouses are made using aluminum which is 100% recyclable
  • The structures are low maintenance, meaning minimum upkeep is required
  • Our beautiful greenhouses are durable; they can withstand extreme temperatures, winds, and snow loads. Our in-house engineers carefully look at your location and the siting of the greenhouse to ensure the structural integrity is guaranteed.
  • We use 4mm toughened safety glass due to offering a good degree of safety and meaning that if it were to break it would break safely.
  • Automatic roof vents are controlled by the temperature inside and outside your greenhouse, working with a bayliss piston system.
  • Manual side vents create optimum ventilation. The ‘Link and Lever’ handles are manufactured in cast aluminum, their sturdy design is modelled on the historic Victorian greenhouses.
  • Each structure is powder-coated in a color of your choice to match your home and garden. Choose from our standard 13 colors or have your greenhouse in any shade you like – just supply us with the RAL code.
    *Bespoke colors cost an additional fee, standard colors are included in the price of your greenhouse.

Tailoring to You

Although the Kew Collection is made up of a standard range of sizes, at Alitex there is always an opportunity to create a custom growing space just for you. Accessories to consider when planning your growing environment include:

  • Aluminum Benching – designed carefully to enhance the Victorian style of your greenhouse. Our greenhouse benches provide you with the ideal space for propagating, transplanting seedlings and displaying your potted plants.
  • High Level Shelving – optimized for plants that prefer hotter temperatures and more sunlight by placing them closer to the glass. The aluminum greenhouse shelves are also ideal for increasing the capacity of your greenhouse and provides storage space for items that are best not watered, such as seeds and tools.
  • External Greenhouse Shades – introduces a barrier between the sun and glass which is the most effective way of reducing heat and scorch in your greenhouse.
  • Ornamental Floor Grids – cast iron grates that allow for both heating and drainage within your greenhouse. They can also be used simply for decoration, to enhance the flooring inside your structure.

These are just a few options you can consider to make your greenhouse unique to you and your growing needs. Request our latest brochure to find out more about our accessories and discover inspiration for your own greenhouse, including a variety of previous projects with multiple internal layouts.

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What our clients say

“I am confident giving both a professional recommendation of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current partnership, I have been recommending Alitex Greenhouses for years.”

Greg Redwood, Head of Great
Glasshouses, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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