Greenhouse Layout Inspiration

By 29th June 2020Blog Archive
Greenhouse Layout Inspiration From Alitex | Alitex Victorian Greenhouses USA

There are a number of layout ides when it comes to your greenhouse. Every detail of your glasshouse from the benching to lighting is your decision and depends on your growing needs. Get inspired by some of these public greenhouses that you can visit in the UK, to show you how you can use your glasshouse spaces depending on the size of your structure.

Fulham Palace

The historic Palace has been residence to the Bishops of London since AD 704. After years of ongoing restoration the garden now represents the splendor of the palace. If you are visiting, take a walk through the walled garden and see the custom victorian greenhouse built by Alitex that replaced the original wooden structure.

The glasshouse at Fulham Palace has a grand double lobby entrance with partitioned sections to the left and right. Having separated areas allows you to grow specific plant species depending on their growing requirements. With the addition of heating or LED Grow Lights we can equip you with the best tools for your greenhouse. Alternatively, if you are considering one of our larger bespoke greenhouses you could keep one area free for entertaining. Host your social events in a beautiful location with a relaxing dining space.

Chewton Glen

Situated in the beautiful landscape of the New Forest is the luxury hotel and spa Chewton Glen. Treat yourself to a stay this peaceful sanctuary and experience the Alitex greenhouse positioned in The Kitchen Garden grounds which grows a lot of the food that is enjoyed in at Chewton Glen’s own Kitchen by its guests.

The greenhouse at Chewton Glen is an ideal structure for those who are keen growers but don’t have a large amount of garden space. Maximize your growing opportunities with tiered benching that sits in a U-shape inside your greenhouse, providing you with space for sewing, potting on and growing your chosen vegetation or plants.

Kew Gardens

If you’re exploring the gardening highlights of the UK then The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is probably on your list to visit. Among the spectacular flora and fauna is an Alitex Capel Greenhouse outside the Kew visitors shop. This perfectly formed greenhouse is part of the Kew Collection and ideal for small urban gardens with limited space available.

Maximize growing potential with high-level shelving solutions and benching suitable for you to pot-on and start your growing. Alternatively, you can extend your growing space with the addition of cold frames, perfect for hardening off plants during the winter.

Take a look at the Kew greenhouse collection, some of our custom-made greenhouses or the full range of Alitex accessories.