Introducing the Kew Greenhouse Collection

Through our years of experience, Alitex have designed a collection of pre-designed greenhouses that work in a variety of situations whilst still maintaining the timeless Victorian look, and lifetime durability. Our position within the industry saw us receive a seal of approval on the collection from the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Each greenhouse is named after figureheads who were instrumental in the development of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – from Lord John Capel who founded Kew to Sir Peter Crane who was the Director at Kew Gardens when they achieved World Heritage Status.

Explore the collection for yourself and if you are looking for something a little more customized, then please do explore our custom-made bespoke greenhouses or contact one of our expert greenhouse designers.

The Capel Greenhouse

The Capel Greenhouse is small yet perfectly formed and is ideal for those with limited space whilst not wanting to comprise their growing experience.

Size: 8’5” x 10’1”

  • The Capel Greenhouse 1
  • The Capel Greenhouse 2
  • The Capel Greenhouse 3
  • The Capel Greenhouse 4
  • The Capel Greenhouse 5

The Aiton Greenhouse

The Aiton Greenhouse with another 3’4” in length gives a little more precious growing space than The Capel.

Size: 8’5 x 13’5”

  • The Aiton Greenhouse 1
  • The Aiton Greenhouse 2
  • The Aiton Greenhouse 3
  • The Aiton Greenhouse 4
  • The Aiton Greenhouse 5

The Burton Greenhouse

The Burton Greenhouse is the largest with a gable door entry providing ample space for benching along either side and a surprising growing capacity.

Size: 8’5 x 16’8”

  • The Burton Greenhouse 1
  • The Burton Greenhouse 2
  • The Burton Greenhouse 3
  • The Burton Greenhouse 4
  • The Burton Greenhouse 5

The Chambers Greenhouse

The Chambers Greenhouse is a popular choice due to its flat lobby providing a focal point without taking up too much room. Internally, growing space can be customized with various benching configurations.

Size: 8’5 x 16’8”

  • The Chambers Greenhouse 1
  • The Chambers Greenhouse 2
  • The Chambers Greenhouse 3
  • The Chambers Greenhouse 4
  • The Chambers Greenhouse 5

The Fortrey Greenhouse

The Fortrey Greenhouse has an extended lobby, perfect for the addition of cold frames. Inside, the growing space can be configured to your growing needs.

Size: 9’6” x 16’9”

  • The Fortrey Greenhouse 1
  • The Fortrey Greenhouse 2
  • The Fortrey Greenhouse 3
  • The Fortrey Greenhouse 4
  • The Fortrey Greenhouse 5

The Augusta Greenhouse

The Augusta Greenhouse still with the beautiful proportions of its counterparts the Kew Collection, but with even more growing space and options.

Size: 9’6” x 20’11”

  • The Augusta Greenhouse 1
  • The Augusta Greenhouse 2
  • The Augusta Greenhouse 3
  • The Augusta Greenhouse 4
  • The Augusta Greenhouse 5

The Crane Greenhouse

The Crane Greenhouse offers you plenty of flexibility in customization. It is also a classic statement piece for any garden.

Size: 11’5” x 20’11”

  • The Crane Greenhouse 1
  • The Crane Greenhouse 2
  • The Crane Greenhouse 3
  • The Crane Greenhouse 4
  • The Crane Greenhouse 5

The Redwood Greenhouse

The Redwood Greenhouse boasts a spacious interior, perfect for growing and entertaining. With an extended lobby situated either side, growers can embrace the opportunity for various internal layouts and usage.

Size: 9'6" x 23'5"

  • The Redwood Greenhouse 1
  • The Redwood Greenhouse 2
  • The Redwood Greenhouse 3
  • The Redwood Greenhouse 4
  • The Redwood Greenhouse 5

What our clients say

“I am confident giving both a professional recommendation of the Alitex products and a personal recommendation. Not withstanding the current partnership, I have been recommending Alitex Greenhouses for years.”

Greg Redwood, Head of Great
Glasshouses, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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